Intertech @ Simply Business - The Fluidity of Mental Health

Intertech @ Simply Business - The Fluidity of Mental Health

Intertech and Simply Business invite you to their speaker event 'The Fluidity of Mental Health: Is there a price to being authentic?' to hear about how they're cultivating a working environment that has opened up the conversation of mental health throughout the business.

The evening will feature speakers from different disciplines, both tech & non-tech, with talks ranging from sharing personal stories of their mental health journey to discussing how we can support colleagues so they feel supported to bring their authentic selves to work.

Please join our panel discussion, led by James Brumpton (Junior DevOps Engineer) with Joanne Theodoulou (General Counsel at Simply Business & Vice Chair at the Board of Trustees for Mind) and Charlotte Butler (Managing Director of Altogether Different).

Of course, following the talks, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and engage with other attendees.
13 May 2021 at 6:00pm

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